Competition Rules

A 10’s competition to be played at the KGV from September to March 2018/19.

The competition will be run by the KGV.

The sponsor for the completion is RABEYS COMMERCIAL VEHICLES who will cover all playing costs and provide a drink (1) and food for each player of the team sheet that day. Max per team 16.

There will be 5 teams in the competition, see separate chart.

Each team to supply their own shirts.

Games will be played on a Saturday to coincide with an international six nation game on the TV whenever possible. Local KO’s will be as near to 12.30pm as the TV timing allow .

The games will be scored on a league basis 3W 2D 1L

Each team will play 8 games. At the conclusion of this period the top 4 teams will have a play off to decide the league winner.

Each weekend of play 2 games will be played, so one team will have a rest week.

The league is to promote junior / social rugby.

All players must be 18 or over. If under 18 but considers to be of sufficient standard / ability then they must be signed off by Steve Melbourne the rugby development officer and the competition management notified of any such player.

No player needs to be registered. However a team sheet will be collected prior to each game and signed by the captain stating that all players are over 18. We would expect each team to have a least 16 players they can call on for each game.

Playing in this league will not prevent a player from being selected to play for either St Jacques Vikings or GRFC Raiders.

We would request players be committed to only one team taking part in 10’s during the playing season. However if a team is desperately short, a player may “guest” on occasion at the discretion of the committee.

The league Managers are John Waterman and Paul Mason. Any disputes will be dealt with by them and their decision is final EXCEPT with regards to any disciplinary matters occurring on the field of play which will be dealt with under RFU Laws and procedure.

Insurance KGV will have standard third party liability insurance for any accident which occurs on KGV property. However this insurance does not cover any injury sustained while playing sport. It is highly recommended that all players take out personal injury insurance if they require payment to cover any lost earnings.

Three training sessions will be organised in September prior to the commencement of the competition to clear out the cobwebs from old players and give any new players a grounding in the basics.


Games will be played on a standard full sized pitch. This can be reduced if it is deemed necessary after the first weekend.

Each side will field 10 players at the start of the match. 5 forward and 5 backs.

A maximum of 6 substitutes on the bench at the start of the game.

Substitution will be rolling. A team can substitute or replace any number of players during a match at any time. Once a player has been substituted or replaced he may come back on to the field of play as a replacement/ substitute. All change overs to be controlled by the referee.

Each game will last for 40 minutes (20 minutes each way).

A 2 minutes interval will be allowed between each half. Teams are to stay on the field of play.

All kick-off’s, conversion’s, restarts are to be drop kick’s. A conversion must be taken within 40 seconds.

Penalty and Free kicks can be taken by any player, with any kind of kick : punt or drop kick but NOT a place kick with any part of the leg from below the knee but not with the heel. A penalty at goal if indicated must be taken within thirty seconds of the penalty being awarded.

After a score, the team that has scored restarts with a drop kick.

From the kick off or restart, a Free kick at the centre of the half way line, will be awarded to the none-offending team for any of the following- ball not going 10 meters, ball goes directly into touch, ball goes into the in-goal area.

A scrum is formed with 5 players from each team bound together. A scrum must have five player from each team AT ALL TIMES. Each front row must have three players in it no more and no less. Two locks must form the second row. All 5 players must stay bound to the scrum until it ends. NO PLAYER IN THE SCRUM MAY UNBIND TO PLAY THE BALL.

A Line out is formed with a minimum of two players from each side.

A yellow card will result in the player being temporarily suspended for two minutes.

If one team is dominant at the scrum the referee may, at their sole decision, instruct the weak side to feed the ball at the scrum or order uncontested scrums.

All other rules are as per 15 a side.

For more information on taking part please click here to contact us.

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